Thursday, 14 April 2016

POLICE commissioner candidates.


Michael LANE
Richard ADAIR
[4 May, 2016] - ONLY badly formulated arguments for and against EU membership for Britain all this time relating to referendum on that issue next month 23 June.
Not a word about elections tomorrow 5 May - Local Councillors and POLICE commisioners.
There is a website, which, on my first attempt (minutes ago) did not load with a strange w17 appearing in place of www.
POLICE candidates are there for 'areas', such as Hampshire, North Yorkshire, etc.:
[ Friday, 13 May, 2016 ] - Local newspaper "The News" had on its front page the photo of the new Hampshire and Isle of Wight Commissioner for Police and Crime, Michael Lane.
Another photo on page 5 depicts him and two women: Olivia Pinkney (Chief Constable) and Kate Brown, the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the CPS in the Wessex region.
[ Friday, 27 May, 2016] - 
Madeleine McCann.
British Police, British Masons, high-tech ISRAELI companies, etc.
Spots in Yorkshire and elsewhere.
More "spots" on Gosport map.
[Sat. 28 May, 2016 ] - scan with Four Spots in Gosport below.
From left to right: St. John's square next to former MADELEINE pub - now TESCO mini-market; IRINA'S SEWING business, Gosport Masonic Hall (Prince of Wales Lodge) and residential complex St. Matthews Court.
[ Monday 22 August, 2016] - POLITICAL CHAOS. For the May 2016 elections I received only two invalid Voting (Polling?) cards: one for previous occupant of flat 26, another - with my name still in flat 28.
Now I received another form from Civil Registration dept. in Gosport Borough Council, signed by Lynda Edwards. When I went upstairs to deliver the form by hand, the man ( reminds me of an American polititian or actor, but I don't know the name) had asked me: "Form? Oh, is it the annual form? We send them out every year around this time." Well, the form or envelope were undated, but there was a deadline (short notice) and a threat of a 1000 pounds fine in the text.
In Portsmouth Socialist Worker street activists (by Queen's Beests fountain) had "Refugees are welcome here/in Britain" and at another angle: collecting signitures for Nationalisation of British Rail. Another "opus" I saw somewhere was: Charity/Initiative to protect the Rights of EU immigrants in Britain.

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